Delivery Information

Delivery Information

Delivery Information
Orders mentioned at the site will be delivered within 2-7 working days nationwide. The site also holds the right to refuse their service in a few areas of the country.

Smartlinks.Pk reserves the right to accept or cancel any order according to their convenience. Cancellation situation varies depending on the events, the order can be cancelled along with the quantity and limitations for purchase, any error related to the pricing or product or any fraud that has been detected. Additional verification is also required in few cases before order acceptance, in case of cancellation of the order site will notify the user. If cancellation takes place after the payment via credit card, payment will be reversed back. 

Quality Check
Smartlinks.Pk conducts a quality check on the dispatched products, if at any point the product is observed to be faulty or broken during the quality check, the site will reserve the right to cancel the order or delay it, however, the buyer will be notified accordingly.

Cancellations by the Customer
In case of cancellation of the order that has not been processed or approved by the site, the amount will be refunded back to the account. However, the cancellation will not be applied if the product is already been dispatched and shipped. Company reserves the right to give the final decision about the cancellation and the buyer must comply by the rules.

Fraudulent /Declined Transactions
On discovery of any fraud or scam on part of the user, has the right to proceed legally with the individual and the site is subjected to receive the cost of goods, the legal fee as well as collection charges from the user. This is also applicable in case of any unlawful act, breach of contract or not complying by the terms and conditions.

Electronic Communications
The communication done on the site is through electronic means i.e. email or site visit. On entering the email, the user indicates that the company will be able to send emails on the shared email or by posting on the site directly. By agreeing to this, the user agrees that the notice, disclosure and other documents sent will depict the process and can be used for the legal process.

Cash on Delivery
Terms and Conditions
Terms and condition apply to cash and delivery of all products listed on the website. Cash on delivery will be done within 2-5 business days, however, an exception may occur depending on special situations. In case the user has a history of cancelling orders with the company, the company has the right to exempt the option of cash on delivery option for that person. After two consecutive cancellations with the company, the customer will be declared defaulter and will be required to pay in advance for any order.